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The Colloquium takes place on selected Mondays during the academic semester, at 16:45, in auditorium Y16G05 on the Irchel Campus of UZH or in auditorium HIT H42 at ETH Hönggerberg.  

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  Date Location Speaker Title Poster Host
27.02.2017 HIT H 42 Guido Burkard Electron Spins Interacting with Electric Fields Poster Burkard (PNG, 245 KB) Oded Zilberberg
13.03.2017 HIT H 42 Leonardo Senatore On Effective Field Theory (and a bit of Differential Geometry) in
Poster Senatore (PNG, 231 KB) Matthias Gaberdiel
27.03.2017 HIT H 42 Kalliopi Petraki Intricacies of the Dark Universe Poster Petraki (PNG, 306 KB) Charalampos Anastasiou
08.05.2017 HIT H 42
T. Maurice Rice Localization of Electrons by the Pseudogap in Cuprates as a Precursor to the Mott State. Poster Rice (JPEG, 264 KB) Oded Zilberberg
29.05.2017 HIT H 42 Alexander Penin LIGO event on the back of an envelope   Charalampos Anastasiou
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